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The Gateway to an Authentic Bahamian Experience

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North Bimini Island Tour
(Adults $85.00 per person/Kids 7 – 11 $40.00)

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into an Authentic Bahamian Experience, where tranquillity sets the tone! Join us on a serene 2-hour group tour, relishing the unhurried charm of North Bimini Island. Experience the excitement of a captivating conch demonstration,
indulge in conch and bread sampling, explore the tranquil Dolphin House Museum, and peacefully journey through the island rich history. With us, there is no rush or crowd—just a blissful immersion into the beauty of the Bahamas.

For those seeking an extra touch of paradise, seize the opportunity to feel the soft sand between your toes on Radio Beach. And don''t miss the chance to shop for unique souvenirs at the Bimini Craft Center, adding an extra layer of joy to your adventure. Choose to do nothing other than enjoy, making your experience with us tranquil and unforgettable!

South Bimini Island Tour 
(Adults $125 per person/Kids 7 – 11 $60.00)

Commence your captivating South Bimini leg of our tour with a seamless three-minute ferry ride from North Bimini. Here in South Bimini, the stage is set for a mesmerizing encounter with nature wonders. Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking work of the Bimini Biological Station shark research lab, gaining insights into the fascinating marine ecosystem.

As your exploration unfolds, be captivated by the legendary Fountain of Youth, a discovery attributed to the explorer Ponce de Leon. This enchanting site adds a touch of mystique to your South Bimini adventure, offering a unique blend of scientific discovery and historical intrigue.

Join us on this unforgettable journey where the allure of nature and the
echoes of exploration converge in the heart of South Bimini.

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Combination tour- 4 hours  
($155.00 per person/Kids $100.00)

Embark on a four-hour adventure with our sought-after Combination Tour, unlocking Bimini natural beauty. Starting in North Bimini, savor the island famed conch delicacies through captivating demonstrations and conch sampling, complemented by the delightful taste of freshly baked island bread.

A tour highlight awaits at the world-renowned Dolphin House—an iconic attraction unraveling Bimini rich history and culture. Continue the
journey with a three-minute ferry ride to South Bimini, where nature takes center stage. Explore the groundbreaking work at the Bimini Biological Station shark research lab and
be enchanted by the legendary Fountain of Youth, discovered by the explorer Ponce de Leon.

Join us for the most sought-after venture into the heart and soul of Bimini, where every moment is infused with the vibrancy and allure defining the island essence—in just four unforgettable hours!

Private Tour
Starting at $350.00 (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Elevate your journey with a Private Tour, an exclusive adventure curated just for you. Whether you are with your spouse, significant other, family, friends, or venturing solo, our flexible options allow you to tailor your experience precisely. With the freedom to set the pace and focus of your exploration, ensure a more personalized and exclusive adventure. Revel in the breathtaking beauty of North Bimini Island or immerse yourself in the
captivating Combination Tour, all while luxuriating in the privacy and comfort of your own group.
Discover Bimini your way, surrounded by the ones you cherish most, and forge unforgettable memories in this tropical haven. Immerse yourself in the allure of Bimini, where every moment is a celebration of beauty, exploration, and cherished connections with your chosen
circle of companions. Experience the extraordinary, tailor-made for you.

Golf Cart Photo.jpg
Bimini Golf Cart Tour
Starting at $350.00

Introducing Bimini Golf Cart Tour – a customizable adventure available in both 2-hour and 4-hour durations, designed to enhance your North Bimini Island experience. Let us handle the details as we arrange a golf cart rental on your behalf and pair it with a knowledgeable local guide.

For a swift exploration, opt for the 2-hour tour, or indulge in a more comprehensive journey with the 4-hour option. Whether you choose a shorter escapade or a leisurely discovery, you'll have the freedom to explore at your pace, guided by a local expert.

Uncover the island charm and learn its secrets with a personalized touch. Your Rent, We Guide ensures a seamless adventure, allowing you to immerse yourself in the authentic essence of North Bimini.

Explore Bimini your way, for the time that suits you best, and let a local guide transform your journey into an enriching and memorable experience.

Bimini Mangrove Tour - Coming Soon!!

Anticipate an upcoming educational adventure that guarantees insights, inspiration, and a revitalized connection to the beauty of our natural world.

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Max’s Taxi Service – Starting at $5.00

Welcome to Max's Taxi, your top transportation choice in North Bimini! From the Ferry Docks to your hotel, restaurant, or casino, Max ensures a smooth and comfortable ride around the island. Max's Taxi is all about reliability, friendly service, and hassle-free travel. With Max as your dedicated driver, expect a safe and enjoyable journey.

If, by chance, Max is unavailable, don't worry. He has a network of like-minded drivers ready to assist. Your comfort is our priority, and the team is committed to delivering a reliable and pleasant transportation experience on the beautiful island of North Bimini.

On The Rolle Delivery – Starting at $10.00

On The Role Delivery extends its seamless services to businesses, offering specialized solutions for mail boat shipping and collection. We ensure the efficient and timely transportation of your business essentials. From handling crucial documents to managing bulk shipments.

With On The Role Delivery, streamline your logistics with ease, ensuring
that your packages are collected and delivered promptly, allowing your business operations to run smoothly.

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Book A Reservation

  • North Bimini Island Tour

    USD $85.00 pp
  • South Bimini Tour

    Starting USD $125 pp
  • Combination Tour

    Starting USD $155 pp
  • Elevate Your Experience, Solo or Surrounded by Family and Friends.

    Starting at $350.00
  • Bimini Golf Cart Tour

    Starting at $350.00

  • Starting USD $5 pp
  • Delivery & Concierge Services

    Starting USD $10
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