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About us

Your Adventure, Our Unique Expertise.

Welcome to Bimini Island Tours, where our meticulously crafted experiences promise transformative moments in a comfortable, informative atmosphere.

As a cherished gem in the heart of the Bahamas, we take pride in being a family owned and operated "Biminite" Bahamian business. Our roots run deep in the local culture, and our commitment to providing an authentic experience reflects the warmth and hospitality that defines Bimini.


Explore the vibrant culture of Bimini, from the wonders of the Dolphin House Museum to the Craft Center, savoring Bimini Bread, and strolling down memory lane with Martin Luther King Jr., Ernest Hemingway, and Ponce de Leon. Trace the Silence of the Lambs film route or leave indelible footprints on Radio Beach. Delve into ecology by learning about mangroves' significance and gaining insights into the intriguing work at the Bimini Biological Shark Lab.


Our tours are intentionally designed to be uncrowded, allowing you to savor each moment without distraction. Whether you opt for private or guided tours, your journey transcends mere sightseeing, creating enduring memories the authentic, Bahamian way—for the entire family.

Connect with us today for a remarkable experience!

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